Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program is designed to provide employees with a disability the opportunity to gain workplace skills and experience whilst empowering them to progress toward their goals and workplace independence.

Support is provided to assist employees to develop to their full potential, contribute to their local community and seek open employment if desired. All employees within the program are paid pro-rata Award Based wages and employment conditions such as superannuation, annual leave, personal leave and long service leave. 

Through the Supported Employment program we provide a range of services to Government and Business within the Lockyer Valley, Somerset and Ipswich areas.

We currently have three businesses within our program all providing a variety of different employment opportunities:

  • Recycling
  • Cottage Industries
  • Tip Shop

Our Vision

Acknowledging that each person is uniquely gifted, Anuha creates opportunities for people with disabilities so that they are better able to choose and pursue fulfilling and independent lives within the community.

Our Mission

To support, encourage and empower people with disabilities to experience intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth.



09 Oct 2017

Meet Josh.. Josh is gaining meaningful on the job experience at 9Dorf Farms, Lilydale.