Lifestyle Enhancement

The focus of the Lifestyle Enhancement Service is to support people with disabilities to meet their goals and aspirations.

Whether you are being supported individually or in a group, Anuha provides flexible support and choice surrounding time frames, location, activities and staff.

The objectives of the Lifestyle program are:

  • To increase a person’s access to their community by providing appropriate services and service direction
  • To provide opportunities and a range of choices for people to access and integrate with the community
  • To focus on supporting a person to achieve their maximum independence
  • To assist the individual in maintaining community linkages by offering alternatives and flexibility of service within the community


In home Support

Support offered includes :

Out and About

Support can be provided to:

  •  Personal care
  •  To take a holiday
  •  Go for a walk
  •  Cooking
  •  To visit a friend
  •  Banking and paying bills
  •  Shopping
  •  Learn to cook
  •  Learn craft and art
  •  Washing
  •  Play a musical instrument
  •  See a movie
  •  Gardening
  •  Go to lunch or have a picnic
  •  Attend a sports event
  •  Budgeting
  •  Attend appointments
  •  Learn to use a computer
  •  Yard maintenance                                       
  •  Visit the library
  • Attend church or place of worship
  •  Go to the zoo or museum
  •  Go bike or horse riding
  •  Go to a park
  •  Go fishing
  • Gain a tertiary education qualification.
  • Transportation



Acknowledging that each person is uniquely gifted, Anuha creates opportunities for people with disabilities so that they are better able to choose and pursue fulfilling and independent lives within the community.


To support, encourage and empower people with disabilities to experience intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual growth.